During our first Fashion in the Media class, we watched The September Issue which gives an inside look to the publishing of Vogue’s highly anticipated September issue. This documentary follows Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington closely, showing their work relationship and creative process. It even gives an inside look at Anna Wintour’s personal life with her daughter making appearances in the documentary.

With this intimate look into Vogue, I was shocked most by the clash between the creative and the business sides. When reading Vogue, you don’t think about the strategic placement of ads verses content. Often, Grace Coddington would produce wonderful photo spreads that were true pieces of art; however, if they did not fit with the mission or other content and ads Anna Wintour would have to remove them or have them reshot. The magazine as a whole is much more of a business than you expect with something producing artistic fashion shoots that you look forward to reading each month.


My favorite September issue was from Glamour. I was surprised by the type choice, and although we learned in graphic design to never choose a typeface that looks hand-written as it is construed as tacky, I think Glamour pulled it off. Every single magazine has the same type and it’s always in the same places, at least Glamour tried something new, and it looks good. Also, who doesn’t love Blake Lively on the cover? Once a gossip girl fan always a gossip girl fan. I applaud Glamour for switching it up and not taking a route involving technology. All of the sudden there is a huge push to integrate technology into every facet of life, especially fashion and print fashion. It’s become predictable to do some sort of technological thing that just doesn’t mesh well with magazines. Until you can print videos onto a piece of paper no one wants to download an extra app to attempt to scan pages of a magazine. I commend Glamour’s attempt at differentiation, and that is why to me they have the best September issue.

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