September 8, 2017

This past week for our study tour class we went to check out the Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho, NYC. At Minkoff’s store in Soho they have all the latest retail technology in place. When a customer enters the store they are greeted by a large touch screen mirror where they can order a complementary beverage to sip on while they shop. 

Even the shopping is done virtually in this store. While you are standing at the touch screen you can browse the looks, and choose the pieces you would like to try, which will then be placed in your fitting room. A Rebecca Minkoff employee will be notified of your choices and place them in your fitting room.

Another amazing aspect of the store is the fitting rooms. As you carry an item into the room, it is identified, and will show up on your touchscreen fitting room mirror. From there you can request a different size or even purchase the items. The best feature of the room, however, is the lighting – which ranges from “Brooklyn Morning” to “Soho After Dark”. When you’re done trying on your picks you can then do self check out using an iPad placed right outside the fitting rooms.

It was amazing to get an inside look at the store and their superior technology. I’m looking forward to seeing their fall collection presented tomorrow at the store for New York Fashion Week 2017.


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