September 14, 2017

This past Thursday, my roommates and I, along with the rest of our study tour class, went to the taping of The Harry Show. We were part of the live audience and even got to hug Harry at the beginning of the show. It was weird to see the taping of a show right in front of you, with people running around to make sure cameras were working and fixing hair/makeup. I have never watched a talk show before, let alone gone to the taping of one, so the whole experience was new for me.

The show itself was really funny, uplifting, and entertaining. The interaction with the audience really made for a unique experience and show. Harry is a great entertainer and a very welcoming person who made the audience, as well as the guest stars, feel comfortable and almost forget that a show was being filmed.

As the show ended, we got to run in and be a part of the, “back it up” with Harry segment where we dance with him as the show ends. Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience that I’m thankful for. If it was not for the study tour class I would have never gone to the filming of a talk show or even have known about this opportunity.

To see us on the show check out the episode that airs on September 20th!

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