Last week I had to attend an event for school where we needed to dress professional; however, I wanted my unique style to shine through. This is something I aim to achieve every time I get dressed for my internship or a professional school event, but it can be hard to find the balance between being yourself and staying within the bounds of professional wear.

My secret to achieving personal style while also looking business appropriate is layering! While that low cut, spaghetti strap tank may be totally your style and vibe, it just doesn’t look right in a professional setting. However, layered over a t-shirt or turtle neck, or paired under a blazer, it has now transformed into professional wear.

For my look, I took a new maxi dress I got and layered it overtop of a basic, white t-shirt. While this dress is not a questionable length, the top is lower cut than I would like for a professional event. When layered it still gives off the same vibe, but is more professional. For this look, I paired it with a brown sock boot since tighter ankle boots are on trend for this fall. To finish off the look I grabbed a pair of sunnies, which are essential in NYC.

This look is easy to achieve and adapt depending on the situation. For those heading out to explore or eat brunch on the weekend, this look does not need to be layered, the dress will be great on it’s own. To transition a piece to work then do so by adding layers under or over the garment.

What versatile pieces do you wear to work?


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