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In the digital age we now live in the exclusivity of the runway experience no longer exists. With live shows broadcast on Facebook or Instagram, and Vogue Runway uploading images of full collections on their website just hours after the show anyone can now take part. However, these shows of the future seem to be referencing only the past.

Look 34 (Vogue)

Looking at Zimmerman, which debuted its S/S18 show in NYC a couple weeks ago, there was clear inspiration drawn from decades past. Nicky Zimmerman credits the 60’s and 70’s for inspiring this collection and the inspiration is obvious through out the collection. The 60’s were known for the mini, drop waist, and turtle neck. The 70’s staple trends were long dresses, floral prints, and peasant tops.

Look 18 (Vogue)

Turtle necks as well as high necks were staple trends of the 60’s that were also staple pieces in the Zimmerman show. Out of the 35 looks, 13 were mini dresses, not to mention mini rompers and mini skirts which were then contrasted with the midi and ankle length dresses inspired by the 70s. Various mini dresses also featured a drop waist. Most sleeves had volume to them, reminiscent of a peasant blouse. The fabrics for the collection were beautiful florals, intricate lace, and striped knit sweaters.

Look 8 (Vogue)

Anna Sui was another designer who drew inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, but in a different way than Zimmerman. Where Zimmerman was more feminine, Sui was more psychedelic with bright celestial patterns, fringe accents, crochet, tie dye, and custom painted denim. All together, Sui’s collection was every 70’s trend imaginable in one single collection all the way down to the platform shoes. The 60’s inspired the bright color palette of the collection.

Look 1 (Vogue)

Look 2 (Vogue)

Look 3 (Vogue)

The first three looks to come down the runway truly set the tone of the show. Each of these looks incorporates the celestial patterns and beaded jewelry with feather accents – all 70’s staples. Looking at the footwear, the girls are either wearing platforms or high cut boots throughout the collection. Sui also incorporated tight t-shirts into the collection, yet again a 70’s trend.

Cher, 1970s (Marie Claire UK)

To get an idea of the 70’s style Sui was referencing take a look at the above picture showing an example of Cher’s style during the decade. Clear inspiration came from this style with Sui’s collection using similar colors, patterns, and fringe detail.

Each runway show payed respects to decades past, and begs the question, do today’s designers create or reinvent?

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