(Spring Summer 2018 Trends)

Fashion month took place in all the major cities of New York, Paris, Milan, and London has come to a close leaving us with photos upon photos of street style and runway inspiration. Looking back at all of the trends shown during this time I would easily say my favorite SS18 trend was sheer fabrics. This trend was seen from different designers from all four of the major fashion capitals. Dior has been using sheer fabrics in their collections for some time now, and their most recent collection is no exception.

(Dior Look 32)

In New York, Calvin Klein also made use of sheer fabric in two of his looks where he layered sheer on top of silk dresses.

(Calvin Klein Look 64)

In Milan, Dolce and Gabbana also made excellent use of sheer fabric in almost all of their all black looks.

(Dolce and Gabbana Look 1)

In London, Topshop also made use of sheer fabrics in a couple dresses and shirts.

(Topshop Look 39)

My least favorite trend coming out of all fashion weeks was hands down, the cycling short. Reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s exercise gear it is not something I ever wanted to see go down a runway. Once again this trend was seen across many runways in varying cities. In Paris, Chanel and Saint Laurent layered tight cycling shorts under dresses. And, to be honest, if this trend doesn’t look good on models then it won’t look good on anyone else.

(Chanel Look 28)

(Saint Laurent Look 59)

In Milan, we see Dolce and Gabbana style spandex cycling shorts with an oversized, colorful top.

(Dolce and Gabbana Look 23)

In New York, Dion Lee styled a similar pair of black spandex cycling shorts under a large blazer.

(Dion Lee Look 2)

Out of every collection my favorite this season was Dior. Dior always has a feminine touch to its designs, even when fashion is going through the sort of androgynous phase it is right now with women’s wear borrowing from the boys. I do love some aspects of this trend like the oversized blazers, but in general I like more feminine designs which is why ChloĆ© is always a favorite of mine. This collection from Dior has a slight 70’s vibe to is as well with patch work loose fitting denim pants. It also combines French style with 70’s influence which is how I aspire to dress. Some outfits are styled with lace up knee high boots or berets, two street style and runway trends for the current FW17 season as well as the upcoming SS18 season. While the last five looks do remind me of bad homecoming or prom dresses, overall the collection is beautiful and one that I can see myself wearing (in my dreams). Below are a few of my favorite looks from the collection.

(Dior Look 8)

(Dior Look 33)

(Dior Look 53)

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