Nordstrom/Hautelook Office | Midtown

Study tour this week took us to one of my favorite retailers and companies, Nordstrom. We heard from Jamie who is an assistant site merchandiser at Nordstrom Rack in their beauty department. Her job is a very interesting mix between e-commerce and planning and buying. Rather than just making sure she has the right amount of product she has to make sure it is presented in the right way, is the right price, and is there when the customer wants it.

With e-commerce, site merchandisers have to pay attention to conversion to see how many of the people viewing an item actually go on to buy the item. This job requires a high level of attention to detail to make sure the experience is perfect for customers. If a product and its description do not match, it will confuse customers. Also, if the description is not good customers may be hesitant to buy since they can’t look at it in person or get a good idea of what it is from the description. Jamie mentioned that she always makes sure each beauty product lists the product dimensions in the copy to give the customer a good idea of what they’re purchasing. A lot of important details, including LY and TY sales data go into planning online sales. Site merchandisers have to be on top of every detail of their product listings in order to ensure a good experience for customers. Overall, this study tour was very insightful and it was interesting to learn about a position in fashion I had never heard of.

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