October 19

Today we had the amazing opportunity to go to the Moncler showroom and hear from two girls there who work in women’s wholesale. They spoke to us about the amazing growth the company has seen over the last year, so much so that they are receiving an award from WWD on Monday. Moncler has clients including Saks, Bergdorf’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom that each offer different assortments of the products in their store.

Moncler’s wholesale team works hard to identify their customer at each POS and does this through trips to each store. They watch the customer at each store and how she styles Moncler to help give accurate information to buyers as to what items would do best in their store. During market weeks the showroom will host buyers from the major retailers listed above with some appointments running as long as 8 hours. Recently, Moncler has been shutting down accounts to help maintain exclusivity of the brand and to invest more with larger, luxury department stores. This has proven to be very successful for their company and helped them to increase sales.

Moncler is often known for their outerwear collection, thanks to glamorous double page spreads that have been gracing the pages of Vogue the past few years. However, they also have knitwear, swimwear, and a children’s line. With an expanding line and increasing sales, Moncler is in a great place in the retail and luxury market’s. It was truly amazing to get to hear from this brand that I’ve always loved and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

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