(Glamour November 2017 Cover, Screenshot from Texture App)

This week I downloaded and signed up for the texture app. I have heard of magazine viewing applications, but I have never actually downloaded and used one before. Texture is great for viewing magazines at only $10/month you get access to tons of top titles such as: Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, or Nylon. While I would still prefer to hold the physical magazine this app is great because it allows you to access so many different magazines for the price of one magazine each month. It also allows for more interaction than print magazines do. These digital magazine allow you to click on certain parts and it directs you to a website or other extra content. 

(My Texture Library)

I added about 25 various titles to my library that I’ve always wanted to read, but buying 25 titles a month is not realistic, and neither is having enough time to read them all. My main love of the texture app is the variety available for such a low price.

When it comes to fashion apps I use, my top three are as follows:

#3 – Shop Style

Shop Style is really great to use for online shopping. You can easily browse brands and then follow them as well as their product that you want to watch for price drops. You can also browse links to outfits seen on fashion bloggers like, Something Navy.

#2 – Polyvore

Polyvore is truly unique in that is allows you to be the stylist. You can create your own outfits using the items listed or you can browse the looks others have already put together. It’s like a shop-able Pinterest of outfits put together by people all over the world. The app is simple to use and is easy to create your own looks.

#1 – Poshmark

I have been using Poshmark for years now. With the Poshmark app you take images of an item of clothing or an accessory that you want to sell and then list it with the price it is for sale for. This app is great to sell your old clothes rather than just throw them away, and it is always great to make so of the money your spent back. The app itself is easy to use and well laid out.

Interning at The Row, I would have to say the most useful app of these three would be Polyvore. Since it is a relatively newer luxury brand it would be useful for them to be on this app in order for perspective customers to add their items to outfits. I would never recommend The Row to use Poshmark since they are not concerned with who is selling used items online but rather who is buying new in stores. The Polyvore app could also allow them to create looks for clients to see how to style their clothes and accessories.

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