After completing a class project on the 1930’s, and listening to other classmates talk about the decades of fashion past, I decided to bring this knowledge to The Garment Garden! I have always identified most with the 1970’s hippie style so, first I want to dive into the 70’s and talk about some key trends. The first trend I want to discuss is the influence of the wild west style on the 70’s as well as today.

The most recent wild west trend was the western double buckle statement belt. Since then we’ve seen the emergence of flare jeans, shearling detailed outerwear, and the modern cowboy boot. When looking at the color pallet we see the mustard yellow of the 70’s as an essential color for this fall season.

Looking to the past SS18 runways we see a few designers who took this trend and made it their own. Calvin Klein is one such designer who re-designed the typical western yoke cowboy shirt to fit the brand aesthetic. Dior’s RE18 collection is also reminiscent of this trend with the collection being shown in Calabasas and inspired by Georgie O’Keeffe – most likely her art from New Mexico.

Looking back through images of the 70’s we see the western or folk trend emerge. From denim looks to cowboy boots or fringe detailing, we can clearly see this trend take hold during the 70’s as well as today. Looking back through images of Sonny and Cher during the 70’s you can see them sport some very western looks.

For my look, I chose a white top with exaggerated sleeves to go underneath a denim overall dress. I paired this with my mustered yellow, knit loop jacket, added a black circle belt, and grabbed my Chloé bag. For shoes I am wearing my western, pointed toe boots.


More articles on 1970’s fashion to come soon!

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