Today my roommate Miranda and I finally had some free time and got to walk through central park, which we have now discovered is the only place in the city where you can breath fresh air. During our walk I wore one of the top trending jackets from this fall season, the shearling moto jacket. Now you may be wondering how to pull off this trend, where to buy a shearling moto jacket, or just wondering what moto means? Fear not because I’m going to break it all down for you step by step below.

First, moto jacket stands for motorcycle jacket. While these jackets are not specifically for riding motorcycles now, they are designed in the likeness of classic motorcycle jackets. In the past, these classic jackets were made in leather rather than this season where shearling came into play. Shearling comes from a lamb where one side is the fluffy wool and the other is the tanned leather, however most shearling on the market today is made from synthetic fibers making for faux fur and leather. You can also buy leather moto jackets with shearling details rather than moto jackets made of just the shearling wool.

The best part of this trend is the ease of creating an outfit with the jacket. These jackets are statement pieces and they do all of the work for you, especially if you’re a more minimalist dresser. By throwing on jeans and a t-shirt, or jeans and a sweater under your shearling moto jacket you’ll have a cute, edgy, yet comfortable outfit. For those who consider themselves more maximalist dressers you can pair the jacket with trendy plaid pants or a maxi dress and heels.¬†For my look I wore my light-wash, high-waisted Levi’s, a white knit top, and brown suede booties.


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