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Last month my friends and I went on a day trip to Venice for the second day of Carnival. Each year Carnival has a new theme and this year the theme was, “Creatum: Civitas Ludens” which translates to, “Creativity: City of Sport.” The carnival runs every year for two weeks ending on Fat Tuesday. The highlight of going on day two was watching the water parade and getting to sample free food from the town (given out during the parade) including a bean pasta soup and sandwiches. The parade featured fun floats as well as political ones; this year included a Trump float with a sign reading, “mine is bigger than yours” and a nuclear button in front of a Trump doll.

After the parade we met with our tour group (we went with Florence for Fun – recommend for study abroad trips from florence) for a walking tour through the city. We started at the Scalzi Bridge near the train station and made our way over to St. Mark’s square. Walking around the square we saw multiple people in masquerade style costumes complete with intricate masks.

St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Basilica were stunning views with gold detailing and intricate art work covering the Basilica. Just a short walk behind the basilica is the bridge of sighs with a great view of the canals and bridges.

After seeing St. Marks Basilica we went to a glass blowing demonstration since venetian glass is known for being colorful, elaborate, and extremely well made. As soon as we were done we headed to find some gondolas to take a ride through the canals. Honestly, this was the highlight of the trip and totally worth the price. For a group of 5 we each paid around €17 for a 45 minute ride. If you’re planning a trip to Italy then Venice should definitely be on your list! We took our ride right around sunset which I highly recommend. Overall, this city does not have a ton to do so I don’t recommend spending more than one day there.

To end our trip we stopped to see the famous “Support” artwork installation from artist Lorenzo Quinn. The hands were created to bring attention to the rising water levels in the Mediterranean considering some have estimated that this town will be completely submerged by 2100. “The hands hold so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy,” – Lorenzo Quinn


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