Friday Fashion Finds | March 9

When I started this blog back in August for school I didn’t really know how to bring fashion into the blog in a way that would be interesting for the people who read my blog, but after listening to some of my readers I thought it would be a cool idea to share my looks with you including links to different priced, similar options available for purchase. Every Friday I’ll share a new look with shop-able links below called Friday Fashion Finds!

This week is my midterms so comfort is the main priority for what I wear everyday. Recently Florence has been hit with really cold weather and even some snow so I picked up some sweaters at the store since I really only packed summer clothes for my semester here. I got the thick knit pink sweater at H&M for only 10 euros (exact one I’m wearing is linked below) at their winter sale and it has been one of the best items I’ve ever got at the store. Normally I don’t like to shop fast fashion (Zara excluded) much because of the quality of the fabrics and construction they use, but this sweater was slightly better made than their usual sweaters. The lilac sweater I’m wearing underneath is from a store I found in Florence called Sofi, but they do not sell online that I know of. I’ve linked both sweaters at different price points below!





Our class went to Milan last weekend for one of our field trips which gave us some free time for shopping. They had an urban outfitters there where I picked up this pair of tracksuit sweatpants. I love the cool rainbow tuxedo stripe down the pants that make them more street style rather than gym wear. The key to pulling of athleisure in my opinion is to combine the obvious “gym” items like sweatpants with more casual everyday items like a basic sweater or cotton top. Shop sweatpant options below!



For shoes I wore my platform converse. Recently I saw that they have platform high top converse (which are now next on my list to purchase). Overall big chunky tennis shoes are super popular right now. This trend seemed to start as street style with the Adidas originals evolving to thicker dad shoes and then to designers like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Shop sneakers below!



Venice | Italy

Last month my friends and I went on a day trip to Venice for the second day of Carnival. Each year Carnival has a new theme and this year the theme was, “Creatum: Civitas Ludens” which translates to, “Creativity: City of Sport.” The carnival runs every year for two weeks ending on Fat Tuesday. The highlight of going on day two was watching the water parade and getting to sample free food from the town (given out during the parade) including a bean pasta soup and sandwiches. The parade featured fun floats as well as political ones; this year included a Trump float with a sign reading, “mine is bigger than yours” and a nuclear button in front of a Trump doll.

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Ciao babes!! Finally adjusting to life in Italy – a little bit. I don’t think I would every fully adjust to every aspect of living in another country, but I’m enjoying the short stay. Today we went to Pitti Immagine in Florence where the theme this season was fashion meets film. The exhibit this weekend was all about yarn including a room full of ways to use yarn with the upcoming S/S 2019 trends. We went from there to Vintage Selection, a room of vendors selling vintage clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc.

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I finally arrived in Florence last Thursday for my semester abroad, the best possible start to 2018. I’m so excited to spend the next 6 months traveling through Europe with my friends. We went on our first trip Sunday to Bologna, a little Italian town outside of Florence. We walked around the town, got cappuccino’s and shopped at & Other Stories. To get a little look into what we saw check out the video below!

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A few weeks ago I was approached to try out the Swedish company, Caseapp and write an honest review of the products. I was given a free phone case as well as laptop skin and both products I received are awesome. I created my own custom iPhone case and chose a pre-made laptop skin. They both turned out to be great products with beautiful prints that are very well made.

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Today my roommate Miranda and I finally had some free time and got to walk through central park, which we have now discovered is the only place in the city where you can breath fresh air. During our walk I wore one of the top trending jackets from this fall season, the shearling moto jacket. Now you may be wondering how to pull off this trend, where to buy a shearling moto jacket, or just wondering what moto means? Fear not because I’m going to break it all down for you step by step below.

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Something I’m definitely going to miss…

New York City has been my dream for as long as I can remember, since the first time I read Vogue and knew fashion was what I wanted to do. From sketching outfits in high school to landing an internship with The Row and attending my first fashion week, I can’t believe my dreams are now my reality. But, I must say it’s the people I’ve shared the journey with I’m going to miss the most. Each one is more kind and caring than a lot of friends I’ve made in the past and I’m so thankful for that. Without them, I would have never had half of the adventures I did in NYC – from staying up all night looking at the building lights on our rooftop to shopping the streets of soho and everything in between. Miranda, Melissa, and Tatum, exploring New York together was a dream and I wish we didn’t have to wake up from, but its just a see you soon, never a goodbye.

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This past Thursday we went to Dover Street Market (DSMNY) to see the market curated by Rei Kawakubo, designer of Comme Des Garcons. Upon arrival, a small line had formed to wait for the weekly release of a new Supreme collection that is sold at the market. The market consists of 7 floors of clothing from a range of designers including; Comme Des Garcons, Supreme, Gucci, Loewe, and The Row, to name a few. Each floor is designed differently and each designer designs their own section of the floor where their designs will be displayed.

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